American Shorthairs


Grand Champion Char’s Best Buddy of Bizarro
(8 months old)

Grand Champion Burthay’s Lestat of Bizarro|
(4 months old)





We are no longer actively breeding or showing our American Shorthair cats at the moment, but we still enjoy sharing pictures of all of our babies, past and present, with you!


At the moment, only one of our American Shorthairs is still alive and with us: Wendy, pictured below. She’s very old now and her older sister, our beloved Shelly, passed away a few weeks ago. We miss her everyday.


Grand Champion Char’s Wendy Belle of Bizarro
(about 4-5 months old)

The Picture Gallery

Beyond the Rainbow Bridge

Grand Champion Bowtye Brass Boi of Wortham (aged 19 years in photo!)

Grand Champion Char’s Johnny B. Goode of Bizarro

Bizarro’s Tyndara (about 5 months old… pet quality but oh so lovable)

Tyndara and Howie as babies

Grand Champion Char’s Bookitty of Bizarro

Shady Lady of Bizarro

Char’s In a Nutshell of Bizarro
(our special baby)

Shelly hiding behind the computer, earlier this year

Shelly hiding in the TV cabinet

Shelly on “her” back porch, lounging

Shelly on one of her favorite chairs

Shelly lounging

Shelly’s back porch

Shelly, Christmas 2007

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