Grand Champion Bizarro’s Court Jester

Grand Champion Bizarro’s Little Red Prancer
Ch. Bizarro’s Vixen
Grand Champion Bizarro’s Dasher
(All about 6 months old in photo)





We aren’t actively breeding or showing our Somali cats at the moment, but we still enjoy sharing pictures of all of our babies, past and present, with you!


Most of our Somalis are now living with others or have passed over the Rainbow Bridge. We have a few older cats still living with us: Duncan (ruddy), Amanda (ruddy), Hyacinth (blue) and Avalon (red). Avalon is the oldest, the daughter of Foxy (our first Somali) and born as part of our second litter of Somalis. Her sister Lucky lived to a ripe old age, as well, until sadly succumbing to cancer.


Bizarro’s Cupid & Bizarro’s Dancer (about 4 months old)

The Picture Gallery

Grand Champion Bizarro’s
Captain Molly of MSSTARLINE

Some Somali Babies

The same Somali babies when they were a bit younger!

Beyond the Rainbow Bridge

Grand Champion Bizarro’s

Grand Champion Bizarro’s Dasher

Bizarro’s Yankee Doodle

Bizarro’s Yankee Doodle (6 weeks old or so)

Bizarro’s Vixen

Bizarro’s Lucky Seven (about 4 months old)

Casago Blue Merlin
(Daddy to many of our Somalis)

Grand Champion Bizarro’s Court Jester (4 months old)

Ch. Lynn-Lee’s Chinese Foxglove
(Our first Somali and the “mother” of our Somali cattery! Age about 5 months)

Grand Champion Bizarro’s Little Red Prancer

Bizarro’s Lucky Seven (about 4 months old)

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